Since 1946, we have entertained appreciative audiences with wonderful performances
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is also a source of numerous and varied volunteer opportunities
in theatre production and management.

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The Daytona Playhouse enriches our community and visitors with diverse, innovative live
theatre experiences through high-quality productions and creative opportunities for all ages,
promoting appreciation for and education in all phases of theatre arts.
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Sunday Matinees:
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Show Dates:
Sept. 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 – 7:30pm
Sept. 9, 16 – 2:00pm
Neil Simon at his best with an evening
of four short comedies featuring
visitors to two suites in the Beverly
Hills Hotel:
Visitor from New York,  
Visitor from Philadelphia, Visitors from
London and Visitors from Chicago
- a
California Plaza Suite.
Directed by: John Pope
The Cast:
Hannah Warren.............Sue Pope
William Warren..............Rick Wells
Millie Michaels......Dianne Pellaton
Marvin Michaels....Peter Gutierrez
Diana Nichols...........Aimee Aballo
Sidney Nichols...........Brian Stuart
Beth Hollender........Linda Kinsella
Mort Hollender........John Leonard
Gert Franklin...........Leanna Hood
Stu Franklin........Robert Hargrave
Come hear scenes and music for all our upcoming
shows for the fantastic 2018-2019 season!
First come, first served - no reserved seats.
Light refreshments after.
Great chance to buy your season subscription and show tickets!
August 26 – 2:00 pm