Old and tattered, yet utterly cherished.
Program from our first production.
March 22, 1947
Presented in the old Seabreeze High School Auditorium.

Excerpt from program:
It is the purpose of the group to bring to you good
entertainment at a reasonable price. We “play” for the
love of it, which fact we hope will create a feeling of unity
between player, plot and audience which we believe to be
the essence of “Good Theatre”.

It guides us to this day.
"Outward Bound"
Princess Theatre -Princess Issena Hotel
September 18 & 19, 1949
Carl Davidson, John Eckerson,
Frank Pyle, Tom Brininger,
Doris Roberts, Mabel Baker,
Nan Thompson
Dedication Ceremony
Our "New" Theatre
March 26, 1956

Mr. & Mrs. Julius Davidson presiding.

The mural carries the quote:
"Our life, exempt from public haunts,
finds tongues in trees, books in the
running brooks, sermons in stones, and
good in everything." -  
As You Like It
Sabrina - 1956