Directed by: Ted Pack
Show Dates:
Dec. 15, 16 – 7:30pm
Dec. 17 – 2:00pm
Directed by: Larrie Tiffany
Show Dates:
June 8, 9, 14, 15, 16  – 7:30pm
June 10, 17 – 2:00pm
A hilarious romp which pulls the rug out from
underneath the stuffy denizens of a private country
club. Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors,
and over-the-top romantic shenanigans. A charmingly
madcap adventure about love, life, and man's eternal
love affair with... golf.
Show Dates:
Nov. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 – 7:30pm
Nov. 5, 12 – 2:00pm
Musical Director: Christopher Hickey
Choreographer: Ashley King
A delicious romp through cinematic history featuring
unforgettable tunes from
The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in
St. Louis, The Pink Panther, Rocky, Psycho, Jaws,
Goldfinger, The Color Purple
and countless others. It's a
fun-filled homage to movie musicals, screwball comedies,
shoot-em-up Westerns, sizzling screen romances,
thrillers, action-adventure flicks and historical epics.
Not  Included with
Season Subscription
Directed by: Jerry Doty
Show Dates:
Jan. 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 – 7:30pm
Jan. 7, 14 – 2:00pm
In Paris, the recently married Dr. Hercule Molineaux
tells "one, tiny, little, hardly noticeable lie" to cover
an innocent but embarrassing indiscretion. From
that single untruth tumbles a cascade of convoluted
deceptions, misunderstandings and mistaken
identities. A hilarious zany and charming farce.
Directed by: Tom Hansen
Show Dates:
Feb. 23, 24, Mar. 1, 2, 3 – 7:30pm
Feb. 25, Mar. 4 – 2:00pm
They meet at a yoga studio and over the next six
months share laughter, hilarious misadventures
and the occasional liquid refreshment.  Four
middle aged ladies you won't forget.
Directed by: Rip Pellaton
Musical Director: David Peralta
Choreographer: Ashley King
Show Dates:
Mar. 30, 31, Apr. 5, 6, 7, 13, 14 – 7:30pm
Apr. 1, 8, 15 – 2:00pm
A new musical featuring some of the most
unforgettable songs of the '70s.
Knock on Wood,
Hooked on a Feeling, Sky High, I Am Woman
and Hot
are just a few of the scintillating hits in this
hilarious musical comedy. It's 1979, and New York's
hottest A-listers are lining up for the opening of a
floating casino and discotheque. What begins as a
night of boogie fever quickly changes to panic as the
ship succumbs to multiple disasters!
Directed by: John Pope
Show Dates:
May 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 – 7:30pm
May 13, 20 – 2:00pm
What you would do if you suffered temporary
amnesia and stumbled into a bed and breakfast
only to find you were expected for the week end
and everyone calls you by a different name?  Who
are you?  Who are they?  And why is everyone
here?  A comedy mystery to keep you laughing.
Fox on the Fairway, The Ladies Man, Don't Mention My Name by Samuel French
Blame it On The Movies, Disaster! by Music Theatre International
The Savannah Sipping Society by Dramatist Play Service
Sponsored in part by:
Directed by: Robert O. Dimsey
Show Dates:
Oct. 13, 14 – 7:30pm
Oct. 15 – 2:00pm
Not  Included with
Season Subscription
The heartwarming holiday classic retold in the tradition
of a live 1940’s era radio broadcast. Adapted from the
1947 Lux Radio Hour Broadcast and staged with live
Foley effects and a score of holiday carols, Miracle on
34th Street is a beloved story that will melt even the
most cynical of hearts.
Orson Welles’ electrifying War of the Worlds
broadcast, in which the Mercury Theatre on the
air enacted a Martian invasion of Earth.
“Upwards of a million people, were convinced, if
only briefly, that the United States was being
laid waste by alien invaders.”!
Postponed from September
due to Hurricane Irma
Special Note:
Fox on the Fairway moved to June 8-17
due to Hurricane Irma
(See below)
Summer Family Musical
Directed by: Kathy Thompson
Show Dates:
July 14, 15, 21, 22 – 2:00pm
Not  Included with Season Subscription
Captain Hook is out for blood, the crocodile wants another bite, Peter
needs his shadow. Meet Indians, pirates, fairies and mermaids as you
come with us to Neverland. Cheer the good guys, boo the bad. Enjoy
songs and dancing galore. A family musical comedy.